Year Of Disabled People

EU Projects : European Year of Disabled People 2003

During the bi-annual meeting between the European Commission and the Platform of European social NGOs on 27 February 2001, Brendan Sinnot, the new head of the Disability Unit of the Employment and Social Affairs Directorate General, spoke about the European Year of the Disabled People 2003. He highlighted the three main objectives of this European Year:

To raise public awareness,
To encourage the selection of adequate measures in favour of disabled people and
To exchange good practices at national and local levels.
According to Mr. Sinnot, the European Commission is currently carrying out preparatory work on the European Year of Disabled People. The preparatory work includes the creation of a task force composed of Commission officials, NGOs and representatives of national Member States, organisation of large national forums to raise public awareness, creation of broad partnerships among national, regional and local actors to pool a common knowledge and to decentralise the implementation of the European Year of Disabled People.

Applicant countries will be also associated with the European Year of Disabled People’s activities. The proposal for a Council decision on the European Year of Disabled People 2003 is expected for adoption in autumn 2001 under the Belgian Presidency.