Recent Events


Reception in Strasbourg to honour the petitioner Louise McVay and the MS Societies in Europe (17 December 2003)
Aaltonen Report on Discrimination against MS Patients (18 December 2003)

Implementation and Assessment Meeting, Athens 5th – 7th December 2003 :
“Quality of Life for People with MS – What Rehabilitation can really do”

Lack of equal access to MS therapies in Europe discussed with the Petition Committee of the EU :
Two years ago, a British person affected by MS, Louise McVay, submitted a petition to the Petition Committee of the European Parliament. As a result of her action, this Committee listened on 9 July 2003 to different persons concerned by MS and discussed the lack of equal access to MS therapies in Europe. The Committee decided to ask a detailed report to the Parliament on this and other MS related problems
Annual Conference, Malta, May 1-4, 2003 :
“Quality of Life for Persons with MS – What Rehabilitation can really do”

Information Hour at European Parliament : 18.30 h-19.30 h February 19,2003
“Effecting change for 400.000 People with MS in Europe”
Key documents related to this meeting are available

EMSP decided on new lobby subjects for 2002-2003
Letter to Mrs. Catherine Stihler, Member of the European Parliament
Summary of the Brainstorming on EMSP’s future lobby efforts, done by representatives of 17 member countries on June 26, 2002

1st European MS Awareness Day :
European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, Tuesday 25 June 2002.
Aims of the day :
Raise awareness of the discrepancies in rates of approval for new therapies and the variations in access to therapies
Encourage greater investment in MS research