Co-operation on supra-national level

EMSP and European Umbrella Organisations

MSIF : Multiple Sclerosis International Federation
EFPIA : European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
EDF : European Disability Forum
ECAS : Euro Citizen Action Service
EFNA : European Federation of Neurological Advocacy
EPPOSI : European Platform for Patients organisations, Science and Industry
RIMS : Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis : European Charcot Foundation


The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation seeks to work in world-wide partnership with Member MS Societies and the international research community to eliminate multiple sclerosis and its consequences, and to speak out globally on behalf of those affected by multiple sclerosis.

The Federation has four key priorities:

Support to Member MS Societies in their goal of enabling full integration of people with MS and their carers to live their lives to their fullest potential;

Stimulation of global shared research into a cure for MS and the alleviation of its symptoms;

Stimulation of the active exchange of information on best practice amongst Member Societies and the wider MS community; and

Provision of support for the development and increased effectiveness of new and existing national MS Societies.
The work of the Federation is made possible by the active exchange of information, news, skills and experience amongst our membership of 39 national MS Societies, international board members and the small staff of the Secretariat. The Federation is managed by more than 50 senior volunteers serving on the Board and Standing Committees (Executive, Finance and Nominating). In addition, over 100 volunteer members and staff of the national MS Societies serve on the Operating and ad hoc Committees. Furthermore the International Medical Advisory Board brings together over 90 of the world’s leading neurologists and specialists in the research and management of MS in all its aspects.

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European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)

Avenue Louise 250 box 91
1050 Brussels Belgium

The EFPIA Think-Tank groups every two months some 15 to 20 representatives both from Pharma-Industry and Patient Groups with the purpose to exchange views on issues of common interest.

EMSP is actively involved via its European Secretary.

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European Disability Forum (EDF)
Square Ambiorix 32 bte 2a
1000 Brussels Belgium

EDF has 70 NGOs (including EMSP) and 15 National Councils from all of the EU as members. It represents the interest of 37 million disabled citizens in the EU. Their mission is to advance disabled people’s human rights and promote equal opportunities in the EU Institutions and Member States in accordance with principles of non-discrimination.

EMSP is actively involved via its European Secretary.

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Euro Citizen Action Service (ECAS)

53, rue de la Concorde
B – 1050 Brussels Belgium

ECAS is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes more informed, influential and protected citizenship within the European Union. ECAS provides expert guidance, timely information and focused research, (specifically in the field of EU-Funding to NGOs).

EMSP is actively involved via its European Secretary.

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ECTRIMS is an independent organisation of active researchers in Europe.

Goals :

To support MS research on a European scale
To organise a congress on treatment and research on MS on an annual basis
To act as an interface between active researchers and European research agencies
More information on

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European Federation of Neurological Advocacy (EFNA)

A new umbrella organisation currently in the process of being established and registered.

Its mission: To work for the improvement of the quality of life of people living with neurological conditions and their families

EMSP is involved passively via its European Secretary

mail to :

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European Platform for Patients organisations, Science and Industry (EPPOSI)

Rue Franklin 108
1000 Brussels – Belgium

mail to :

In March 2000 EPPOSI organised a very well received international conference “Patients-Organisations and East-West Co-operation in Health Issues” in the European Parliament in Brussels.

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Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis (RIMS)
RIMS, the network of MS Centres in Europe was created in 1991, in Milan, Italy to enhance collaboration by the foremost MS Centres in Europe.

RIMS is a dynamic interdisciplinary Multiple Sclerosis Management Association affiliating numerous MS Centres spread throughout more than 20 european countries. Its members are comprehensive MS research and treatment centres, MS Clinics and corporations with a special interest in MS.

Besides the member states of the European Community the research and treatment programmes has been opened to research organisations and clinics in central and eastern countries and the new independent states of the former Soviet Union.

More information on

Secretariat of RIMS, National MS Centre, Melsbroek (B)
Tel. +32 2 752 96 40, Fax +32 2 751 52 77

e-mail at